Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by: Sarah J. Maas



Phew! So this was one wild ride.

If you haven’t read this book I can tell you that there’s less of this:


And more of this:


Yah. It’s pretty great friends 🙂

Now, I think I still like Throne of Glass more than this series, but that isn’t really fair since there’s only one book in this series and three in the other, so we shall see!

Feyre. I found Feyre to be less interesting than Celaena. She didn’t know how to read which was neat, but that was the only thing that stuck out to me. Oh, I also liked how she protected her family even though they were jerks. That was all well and good, but obviously not what I read the book for.


So, Sarah J. Maas is one of my favorite authors, and she is well known for creating swoon-worthy males! (She’s right up there with Cassandra Clare and Co.)  Well let me tell you, she did not disappoint! Okay so Tamlin was cool (or should I say hot XD) and Lucien will forever be my baby, but let’s just talk about Rhysand for a minute here.


WoOhOoHoO! Don’t ask me why I love him, I just do so let me be my hormonal bad-boy loving teenager-y self while I can. Of course, he was a little freaky in the beginning and in the middle, but overall I love him! He’s got so much depth to him, and I’m so excited to see more! Also, (Slight spoiler) what do you think he saw when he faded away? There’s a rumor going around that he recognized Feyre as his mate which is totally fine by me!(End of slight spoiler) (Muhahaha!)

The evil lady person (whose name escapes me), was horribly fantastic! Horrible in the sense that she was absolutely the worst. Fantastic in the sense that she was fantastically written! The riddle she asked totally had me stumped, but when the answer was revealed, it all fell into place and I was like, “Duh!”. Maybe that was just me.

I loved how Sarah J. Maas incorporated so many different tales into one, and created a whole new story. Even though I’ve watched Beauty and the Beast dozens of times, I was still pleasantly surprised by everything that happened. I am excited for the next book which is rumored to be a Persephone/Hades type book. (Rhys and Feyre, perhaps?)

Anyway, short review, but it was a wonderful book! I would definitely recommend it to mature-ish readers who love the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast!

Overall rating:


(‘Twas lovely indeed.)

Stay Sweet Parakeets!

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