The Liebster Award!


Many thanks to Calliope the Book Goddess (love your name btw) for nominating me for a Liebster Award! I was pleasantly surprised to receive such an honor! For those of you that don’t know, a Liebster Award is given to a relatively new blog with less than 200 followers. This award brings the blogging community together and recognizes those just starting out!

The rules:
1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award
2) Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave you
3) Give 11 random facts about yourself
4) Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award
5) Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
6) Give them 11 questions to answer

Calliope’s Questions:

1. If you could bring a book character back to life, who would it be?

Hmmm… Well, I’m gonna have to say Finnick from The Hunger Games because I will never get over that little gem Miss Collins dropped on us.

2. If you could spend a day with a book character, who would it be?

OhOhOhOh! I would without a doubt spend it with Magnus Bane from The Infernal Devices/The Mortal Instruments! We could buy ALL the scarves and scope out the best brands of glitter!

3. Favorite genre?

Probably Fantasy and Historical Fiction… And some romance 🙂

4. Last book you read?

Oh dear… I’ve been in a horrible reading slump this month, but the last book I read was End Of Days by Susan Ee!

5. Favorite ship?

Kestrin!!! (The Winner’s Curse) Or Wessa (The Infernal Devices) or Chaolaena (Throne of Glass)…

6. Top 5 summer reads you’d take on vacation?

Well, in my mind, summer reads are fluffy romances! So here are the fluffiest books I could think of:

1. Anna and the French Kiss (This whole series makes me so happy!)

2. Eleanor and Park (Not the fluffiest of fluffy, but the CUTEST romance i’ve read in YA.)

3. Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult (A book character come to life, guys! Did I mention he’s a prince?)

4. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (OMG THIS BOOK SUCH CUTENESS MUCH FLUFF!)

5. Pride and Prejudice (Favorite classical romance right here!)

7. A book you want to see a movie made of?

Ooooo! If by movie you mean actors that look exactly like how I envision the characters in a 17-hour long showing leaving out no details? Then I choose The Winner’s Curse because guys, it’s so good! Read it!

8. If an author was going to add a book to a series, which series?

I know many people have already said it, but Harry Potter 🙂 (So pumped for J.K Rowling’s new movie!)

9. E-books or real books?

Real books definitely!

10. Favorite reading position?

I’m not quite sure how to describe it…


That seems about right!

11. A book you hated?

Teardrop by Lauren Kate. I’ve never hated a book with such a passion before.

11 facts about me!

1. I am an avid autumn lover!

2. I take irish dance lessons.

3. Rainy days are my favorite days.

4. My favorite movies are Ever After and Bambi.

5. I love the board game Clue!

6. I play violin in a high school orchestra!

7. My favorite colors are turquoise, lavender, and grey. (Is it grey or gray?)

8. My favorite food is potato anything! (Fries, baked potatoes, etc!)

9. I was diagnosed with mild OCD this year which is pretty crappy, but it’s getting better!

10. My favorite band/singer/songwriter is Sleeping At Last. (Saturn, Pluto, and Light are the best!)

11. I have made 637 paper cranes and counting.

I nominate:

Becca and Books 

Adventures of a Dublin Bookworm

Backyard Musings 

Q’s Book Blog 

(Sorry if you have more than 200 followers! I just nominated some awesome people who follow me!)

Questions for my nominees!!

1. Do you listen to music while reading? If so, who/what do you listen to?

2. What snacks do you like to munch on whilst reading?

3. What are your favorite types of ships?

4. Favorite book to movie adaptation?

5. If you could go to a fictional world, where would it be?

6. What fictional food would you like to try?

7. Weirdest fictional name you’ve read?

8. What fictional character is most like you?

9. Favorite genre?

10. Favorite book cover?

11. Favorite quote?

Thank you very much!

Stay loose moose! (Or is it meece?)

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