Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr





So quick life update because there are reasons I have been absent this time:

  • School and exams are the absolute worst
  • I have been in a HUGE reading slump (which is also the absolute worst)
  • I am getting ready to move countries which involves much time and effort and gives little time for reading and writing

So again, I am super duper sorry!

Anyway, on to the review:

(Warning: This is more of a book gush than a review so just hang in there!)

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr was probably the most beautiful book i’ve ever read. It might even be my number one favorite book at the moment, and that’s saying something since I finished it two months ago (I tend to change favorites quite often)!

Like, guys.

Literally go read this because I am in love with everything in this book if someone could please read this and discuss it with me please and thank you.

The Characters: 

I absolutely loved all the characters, even the ones I hated I loved. Doerr paints each of them in such a way that I can’t even begin to describe. He puts each in the story for a reason and it’s just so so so beautiful!

Marie-Laure slays all day everyday. I loved how she was painted as such a strong character even though she wasn’t physically. Not to mention that she was a blind girl during a war! This character had so much hope and so much love that I just could not. I loved her relationship with her father and her uncle (who I will get to later).

Werner is my child and no one touches him. His story line was a bit more action packed than Marie-Laure’s, but I loved them both equally for different reasons. Werner had a freaking sucky life y’all. He was on the bad side of the war in Nazi Germany, but Doerr makes sure to point out that he is just as human as anyone else. I loved his passion for radios and fixing things and I especially loved his friendship with Frederick (weeping for days).

Uncle Etienne is also a blessing on this Earth. I loved it when he and Marie-Laure talked about places all around the world and he taught her different things. His fear of ghosts and the outdoors was painted in a very real way and Doerr always made sure to put a bit of symbolism in his chapters which I loved.

The Plot

The plot was definitely slower than books I normally read, but that is because Doerr wrote his sentences so beautifully that you had to take your time and let the words sink in. I think this book was all about the emotions of two very different characters and how they were actually very similar, and I CRYYY! Read it guys please please please you will not regret it.

Quotes I loved

“So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?”

“Your problem, Werner,” says Frederick, “is that you still believe you own your life.”

“As though some beast breathes all the time at the windowpanes of his mind.”

“He sees what other people don’t.” What the war did to dreamers.”

“They’ll say you’re too little, Werner, that you’re from nowhere, that you shouldn’t dream big. But I believe in you. I think you’ll do something great.”

Aaaand i’m crying once again! This book really did a number on me, but that is okay because it was beautiful and you should read it. Plz.

Anyway, thank you for reading this slightly rambled review!

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