Book Review: Porcelain Keys by Sarah Beard



Guess who just finished her first audiobook?

This girl right here!!!

Lemme tell you what, audiobooks are such a convenient way to read. I may buy books this way more often ❤

I was sent this book to give an honest review, courtesy of Bound Book Tours, and I gave it a solid 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads.

Here’s the thing: I don’t usually do contemporaries. I love me a good fantasy novel where there’s magic and queens and quests, like sign me up. So this book was a little different from what I normally read, and it wasn’t bad! In fact, I liked most of it, but my biggest problem was the characters.


If you’ve followed my blog, you know that the deal breaker for my relationship with a book is the characters. In this book, I felt that the characters were rather cookie-cutterish(?) and kinda meh. And there was that lovely thing called the love triangle mixed in which just made me frustrated with everyone 😡

Aria had potential. My problem was just that her entire self-worth relied on a guy, like there was literally a quote in there about how she didn’t know who she was without Thomas. I cry. Three seconds after she met him, she was talking about marriage and children and


This might be because her dad abused her and stuff (and don’t get me wrong, Aria was strong to put up with him because I can’t imagine how hard it must be), but I can’t really relate to that because I’ve had a pretty good relationship with my father. Honestly, my favorite thing to see in characters is being able to face their own problems and conquer them, but I just did not see that in Aria. AND THEN, I was hoping she would go to Julliard and realize that she can get by on her own, and how strong of a person she is (on her own), but nope. Sooprize sooprize, there’s another male waiting to sweep her off her feet and save her.

Thomas was pretty chill, but also slightly cookie-cutterish. I loved that he wasn’t the player or the bad-guy, but I was also frustrated with how utterly perfect he was. Like, even with his flaws, he was perfect. I don’t know about you, but I love raw and flawed and hurt characters. I don’t know how it happened, but even with his tragic backstory, he was still kinda perfect.

That one girl who was a cheerleader/dancer and was mean to Aria and was just a plot device to make Aria look like some angel saint queen precious childStop-GIF_2

I’m begging authors everywhere to please please please stop it with the mean cheerleader, dumb jock trope. Can I see a football player who is actually the biggest nerd and ends up being the next Albert Einstein? Or maybe a cheerleader who is the nicest person ever and ends up being the next Mother Theresa?

Now, keep in mind my idea of a strong character has probably been warped because of reading about kick-butt assassins and strong-willed women who don’t take crap from men because they’re actually queens and don’t have time for that stuff.


I should probs read more contemporary honestly.


The writing was absolutely stunning. I loved the metaphors and the similes, like it honestly felt like I was listening to music in some parts. The writing is the reason I finished because it was just plain gorgeous! I think I read somewhere that this was the author’s first book, so I will definitely keep an eye out for more!

Anyway, that concludes this review! Let me know what you thought of this book in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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