Hellos & Goodbyes: June

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Since there have been some pretty big changes in my life, I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to kind of explaining the whole dealio! For those who may not know, I am currently in the process of moving countries (which is a pretty big deal since I’ve lived in America my entire life). It’s not Europe or Canada, or any place you’d expect a person to move!

I’m moving to Saudi Arabia!

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

So, yes, things have been a little crazy, and it’s pretty hard to read when your life is literally being uprooted. Honestly, it’s been a little like


I suppose there are good things too, like the international school I’ll be attending! And of course, I’m nervous about the first day of school, but that all seems so far away. I’m currently just trying to get past the Goodbyes. There’s a pretty extensive list of things I’m saying goodbye to, one of them being books. It’s probably easier if I just list them, so here you go:


  • Pets: Today was the day that we said goodbye to our furry friends, and my plans for the rest of the day include watching Bambi surrounded by tissues.
  • Friends: Though I’m excited to meet new people, I’m devastated to be leaving these guys. They’re a bunch of beautiful hearts and minds, and I’m so happy I got to know them!
  • My house: Though we will have another one when we get to Saudi Arabia, it won’t really be a home until I spill something honestly.
  • BOOKS: Good golly miss molly, am I sad about this! I wish I could take my entire collection, but that just isn’t realistic. I look at booktuber’s and fellow blogger’s bookshelves and I’m actually a little jealous! Honestly, it’s almost freeing to just own the ones that are near and dear to my heart (though, there is something about having an entire library that’s freeing too so…)
  • Driving: PSA – driving apparently destroys a woman’s uterus so y’all better be very careful ‘bout that one (I’m kidding, but Saudi Arabia isn’t so I gotta give this one up! Not too terribly sad though since I’m not the biggest fan of driving)
  • Rain: This one might be the saddest one of all. On the rare day it does rain, you can bet all the windows in my house are going to be open!

Goodbyes are hard. I don’t think I could do this if my family wasn’t with me. It’s going to be tough adjusting to this different lifestyle, but that’s the whole reason we’re doing it! I don’t want to be stuck in the same old routine all the time in the same small town in America. I want adventure! And that’s exactly what I’m going to get because there are tons of things im saying Hello to. It’s probably better that I list these as well:


  • Travel: GUYS! Once you are on that side of the world, travel becomes so much easier! I’m going to take so many artsy pictures of books in places I can’t even imagine right now!
  • Bookstagram: This whole ordeal has made me strive for some normalcy, and what better way than the reassurance of words? I’m super hype about meeting new people in the Instagram area of the book world!
  • Ballet: No ballet really happens in Saudi Arabia, so I’ve finally caved in, and at the ripe old age of 16, I’m going to try ballet before we leave in August! I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m hoping that it’ll be something I do for a long time 🙂
  • Friends: Both in the Hello and Goodbye section, I’m so excited to say “Hello” to new friends from all over the world! Since I’m headed to an international school, I’m hoping that this will be the case!
  • Creative Writing: OMG guys! The school has a creative writing class and im so so so excited! I’ll definitely share what I work on, and maybe it will give me the oomf to start doing a Short Story Sunday on my blog as a way to be more interactive with you all (you send me your short stories and I post them)!

And there you have it.

Life update #1 complete! Now, back to panicking about the unknown n’ stuff


Maybe I’ll do these every so often, if only to help keep myself straight! It’s good to write everything down every once in a while. Have you ever attended an International school? Do you do ballet? What do you think about Short Story Sunday? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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