Book Review: The Windrunner’s Daughter by Bryony Pearce


A sabotaged colonization attempt leaves the last humans in the universe stranded on Mars. Braving a half-terraformed atmosphere, terrifying indigenous species, and a colony government that is openly hostile, a young girl named Wren must defy tradition to save her mother and perhaps, every human left.
It is forbidden for women to steal the wings that allow a select group of runners to carry messages and goods between colonies. It is forbidden to cross the wastes with a sand storm on the horizon and it is certainly forbidden to share the secrets of the windrunners with those who spend their entire lives in the biospheres.
But what choice does she have?

I just really love books that involve girl-power, and this one is filled with it! Every other page I found myself going, “Yaaasss girl, yaaaass!”. So obviously, I gave this one a solid 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads! I was sent this book courtesy of Bound Book Tours for an honest review, so let’s just jump right in!

The Good Stuff

Wren was definitely a great character as I mentioned above! I loved her fierceness and her loyalty for her fam. She didn’t care what that stupid ol’ government said, she was a woman and she was freakin’ strong.


The setting was freaking fabulous, guys. Basically almost The Martian in book form, which  literally doesn’t make any sense because The Martian was originally a book so that was a slight fail on my part (also, I never even saw The Martian… Good job, Hannah). But, I loved the prologue, and how the surroundings were described was just so so good! I’m not usually one for dystopian YA novels, but this one was literally on another planet.

I just really really really loved the idea of the wings and the runners for some reason (and also that our kick-butt heroine stole some wings, even though women weren’t suppose to use them, like yaaasssss!!!). Honestly, who run the world (err, Mars?).

The romance was there, but it didn’t entirely envelope the story, which is great! If I’m being honest, i’ll admit (a bit shamefully) that I gotta have a lil’ romance to like the story. That’s probably just me being teenager-y, but hey! The romance also has to be a background thing (and I like it even more if it starts off as a love/hate relationship and ends up as awesome power couple tbh) which this book totally succeeded in doing!

The Cons

The beginning was a little confusing for me (like many dystopian novels) because you’re bombarded with all this new stuff. New names for things, and, in this book’s case, a whole new world. I wish that the author could’ve held back on the new names and stuff for a bit so my mind wasn’t completely swirling with new terms from the get go.

The dialogue was a bit choppy. I felt with the adults especially, the dialogue wasn’t completely natural. Some things that some people said seemed a bit out of character, and forced, but this was only on occasion.

Also, the hate towards the runners seemed a bit extreme to me. I can understand what the author was trying to do, but it still seemed a little unrealistic. I felt that the people’s reaction towards them was a little weird, like you’d think that some people would understand, right???

Other Notes

Okay, but Raw is a character who has a burned left side of his face, and I honestly couldn’t help but picture him as Prince Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender… Whoops!

Thanks for reading this review! Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comments down below!

You can find The Windrunner’s Daughter on Goodreads and Amazon!

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