Hellos & Goodbyes: July 2016


Can you believe it’s August already?! Actually, it’s kinda sorta been August for a while, and this post might be kinda sorta late, but then again


I’ve decided to add my “read this month” books (w/ the review links) in the Goodbyes section and my TBR for the next month in the Hellos section!

And we are just gonna dive right in, ’cause time is of the essence my dear friends! 



Ayyyy! Considering how busy July was, this was pretty good! Am proud of self 🙂

As for Le Life:

  • Goodbye BOOKS (temporarily, but still). The ones that I kept are packed away in suitcases currently, meaning I can’t actually physically hold them which is pretty much a goodbye to me. We should be leaving in a few days for Saudi Arabia, and I’m BeYoNd excited to get to my new room and unpack everything and get a new bookshelf 🙂
  • Goodbye friends :((((( I know I will make new ones who are just as wonderful, but still. I officially said goodbye to them all a few days ago, and it was so hard. As I said in my last wrap-up post, the ones I have in the USA are pretty great and I’m gonna miss them with all my heart ❤
  • Goodbye driving. Women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi!  Actually kinda happy about this because I loathe driving. I just got my license a week ago so that I’ll have it for whenever I need it, but I haven’t driven since. On that public-transportation status for the rest of my life, honestly.



These guys are all books I’ve been dying to read, but haven’t had the time 😦

BUT, what are 20-hour plane flights for, amiright?


(jk, jk, I am beyond thankful for this opportunity. Sitting for a long time isn’t exactly appealing tho)

(Also, I know it isn’t coming out until September, but I am so totally READY for Crooked Kingdom!!!! I am always so hype for this book.)

As for Le Life

  • Hello Bookish Podcasts! I’ve never ever listened to a podcast in my entire life, but I’m so happy I started! My current favorite is A Novel Chat because they are just so coooool (plz let me be your friend)!
  • Hello New School! YAY! I get to start a new school with people from all over the world, and i’m so excited! I’m also taking a Creative Writing class which makes me sososo happy!
  • Hello Short Story Sundays! Where you send your short stories to moi, and I choose one to post on Sunday (with all credit to you of course!)! I’ll make a bigger post about details later, and I might need someone to collaborate with to pick the stories, but yeah! Cool beans!

And there you have it! Life/Reading-update #2 complete! Thanks for reading ❤

Read Last Month’s Hellos and Goodbyes Here!

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