Hellos & Goodbyes: August


Aight, so remember how like three months ago I was all like, “Yeah, in August imma be in Saudi Arabia finally!”? Well that obviously didn’t happen as I am still in the USA.


I am confident that this time next month, we will be in Saudi Arabia (lol I probably just jinxed myself, but come on!!!). Anyway, I just wanted to give a lil’ preface before you think that every time I say I’m leaving i’m just lying (which, I guess technically I am. Oops.).

I hope you enjoy this (late) post!


  • The USA??????? Maybe????? I’m gonna say a soft maybe.

The horrid reading slump hit me this month, but technically Lux Beginnings is two books, so I mean hey! I didn’t get to any of the books I was really hoping to read, but Milk and Honey was such a lovely surprise!

  • Reading Slump!!!! HAHA! I’ve broken through! I honestly blame A Court of Mist and Fury, but since Empire of Storms and Crooked Kingdom both come out this month, I do believe I will have less of a hard time ❤
  • Summer. I’ve been in contact with my classes in Saudi and i’ve been given homework!! I can’t even remember how to use my brain, so I’m struggling a lil’ bit. In all honesty, I’m glad for the work even if I loathe AP Chem already. (save me)


  • Do you even realize how excited I am for Crooked Kingdom?????? It’s my most highly anticipated book of mY LIFE LEMME JUST TELL YOU WHAT!!

(a.k.a me, all month long, until CK is released.)

  • And Empire of Storms! I dunno fam, i’ve had a waaayy better experience with ACOTAR than the TOG series. Queen of Shadows just really hurt my heart (and not in the,”OMG FEELS” way either. Chaol defense squad, anyone??). I think I saw a really devastating spoiler (ugh, I hate spoilers btw), and if that’s the case I might not finish the series because I have had it up to here, y’all!
  • Okay, so, I’ve been kinda experimenting with veganism? Like, I’ve watched a bunch of documentaries and pinned a lot of recipes and I think i’m gonna try it! It’s been a really eye-opening experience if anything. I’ve noticed that the more plant products and less animal products I eat, the better i feel!
  • Gilmore Girls!!!! I started watching it earlier this month and I cannot stop! I am in love ❤ . It’s basically everything i’d ever want in a show (ya know, besides the whole fantasy thing.).
  • 8tracks has a bunch of really pretty bookish playlists (and I’m really into music that reminds me of William Herondale and Tessa Gray from TID at the moment, don’t ask me why I do this to myself.)
  • I’m gonna say Saudi Arabia, but everyone knows not to hold me to that, yes?

Anyway, I understand this is late, but here it is all the same! I’m going to try to do more blog post-y things once I get into an actual routine! Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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