Book Review | Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas



The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius as war looms on the horizon. Loyalties have been broken and bought, friends have been lost and gained, and those who possess magic find themselves at odds with those who don’t.

With her heart sworn to the warrior-prince by her side, and her fealty pledged to the people she is determined to save, Aelin will delve into the depths of her power to protect those she loves. But as monsters emerge from the horrors of the past, and dark forces become poised to claim her world, the only chance for salvation will lie in a desperate quest that may mark the end of everything Aelin holds dear.

In this breathtaking fifth installment of the New York Timesbestselling Throne of Glass series, Aelin will have to choose what—and who—to sacrifice if she’s to keep the world of Erilea from breaking apart.

Available: Goodreads // Amazon

Pages: 693

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Romance

Publisher: September 6th 2016 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Format: Bought, Kindle

Rating: 2.75/5 stars



I actually enjoyed this book for the most part! I listened it on audible, so I was able to get though it faster than Queen of Shadows (meaning it took me less than a year, so that’s always nice). Many loose ends were tied up, or close to being tied up, which made everything a bit better.

Unfortunately for me, my enthusiasm for this series has lessened with each book I finish since reading Crown of Midnight. I, for one miss the three musketeers (Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol) when they were all friendly with each other, but ANYWAY…


In my opinion, this book had very little plot. There was a lot of waiting and then a lil day trip to a swamp and then a lil somewhat pointless sea battle (a few, actually).

I have to admit, though, that when Aelin did her whole fire-breathing thing I was freaking out because it was sO COOL, but also I imagined this guy:


a.k.a, my husband

Now, I do have a few problems with this series that I feel like I kinda have to address. I know some people won’t share the same views as me (and that’s totally fine!! You do you, fam!), but I ask that you please respect my opinion as I will always respect yours! ❤


Okie so can we talk about the fact that no one can be single in these books? And how everyone is drop-dead gorgeous? And how everyone is whITE?????? All of these things (especially the white-washing) is extremely bothersome to me. Not only does this exclude so many people, it is kind of inconsiderate?? You should not EVER add POC as an afterthought just to make your books (or your white characters) look better and I feel like Nesryn (the only POC currently in this series who was only mentioned in Empire of Storms) was just to help Chaol (a white, now disabled, character, also not in Empire of Storms) get over Celaena/Aelin.

I have been told that this series is suppose to be empowering women, and to some extent it does. There are moments when i’m like, yeAAAHHH GIRL POWER!!!

But how can these books empower women, when they are excluding so many of them??

Are the only women who can change the world the unattainably beautiful, straight, non-disabled, white ones who are “claimed” (this is another problematic thing btw) by unattainably handsome men??

Doesn’t sound super empowering to me, tbh.


I apologize for the looooong rant, lol.



(There are so many, so I’ve cut a few short near the end!!)

Celaena/Aelin/Fire-bringer/Mala lady person princess queen has changed loads. Sometimes I’m cool with her attitude, sometimes I really enjoy her character and all her kick-butt glory. But there were a few points in this book when she kinda got an itsy bit over the top. Every single time, her opinion is the only right opinion. If someone challenges her ideas, she either gets all angry or macho-man Rowan punches them using his gr8 muscles for her. I liked Celaena/Aelin up until after Heir of Fire, but I’m not sure what happened since then.

Rowan Whitethorn isn’t my favorite?? I liked him when he was friends with Aelin and not basically attached to her honestly. And my dislike for him isn’t even just about the ship!! He’s so serious and angsty all. The. Time. Like, kid, chill out. That might be a teensy bit unfair as he is in the middle of a war and all, but would it hurt to laugh just a lil (and no, Aelin’s snarky comments don’t count). I also feel like the ending when Maeve spills all the beans about his past love not being his mate was SuPeR forced. In fact, I feel like their entire romance is somewhat forced too.

ALSO what the heck when they secretly got married at the end and Aelin gets captured??? Isn’t that??? The exact ending??? Of A Court of Mist and Fury???


The answer is: yes. Yes it is.

Lysandra is very cool!! I do think that the way Sarah J. Maas handles her reactions to males is very well done. I am happy she is single because you are allowed to be a strong woman and not have a man. Of course, that might change because good ol’ Aedion is single so obviously they are meant 2 be (I am not amused). Though, I really enjoyed her turning into the sea dragon and terrorizing the ships!! It was so cool and I got super into it.

Aedion called out Aelin once (thank goodness someone did) in this book. Of course, Aelin ended up being right because she never makes mistakes, but still. I was never super into the whole Aedion thing. I’m still not entirely impressed with him, but he has grown on me since he’s no longer acting like Aelin’s pet monkey!

Manon was my favorite character out of them all. It’s probably because she doesn’t grovel at Aelin’s feet all the time. Honestly, I almost wish this entire series was about Manon. Like, switch her and Aelin and I’d be the happiest bookworm that ever lived. Again, while she and Dorian had some chemistry, I’m not super excited about it since I feel like they became totally different characters together??? I dunno man, but all the romantic relationships in this series are kind of messed up.

Dorian is obviously one of my favorite characters which is weird because he wasn’t in the first two books. I think it’s just because I crave a character with flaws and a personality other than snarky and angsty. Sure, he’s angsty but at least he has a legitimate reason. Also, he isn’t territorial which is nice!

Elide is actually a well-developed character. She’s strong, but not in the way that Manon or Aelin or Lysandra are which is refreshing. I just wish she wasn’t with Lorcan. She deserves better.

Lorcan is totally not cool. I am upset he and Elide are together. I’m not sure what his purpose is in this series other than make Rowan angsty and betray people.

Okay, so these books are getting rather disappointing for me. I just want to say that I love Sarah J. Maas. Her writing is really detailed and engaging. I’ve watched pretty much all of her interviews because her story about becoming an author is so inspiring and she has a great sense of humor. The thing is, I am not going to sugarcoat what I actually thought about a book, even if I really admire the author.

Please let me know what you thought about Empire of Storms in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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