Review Policy

I accept requests for honest reviews and promotions from authors and publishers. Please read the review policy before making a request.

Book Formats

I accept arcs (advanced reader copies), published novels, and ebooks. If you are planning on sending me an ebook, please make sure it is in .pdf format since I read on my iPhone in the iBooks app.

NOTE: My current living situation makes it extremely difficult to receive hardcopies of books. E-books are preferred.


Prefered Genres:

young adult
middle grade
fairy tale/ myth retellings

I will not be accepting:

indie/self-published novels


My reviews consists of the book title, author, other information (such as genre, publication company and date, number of pages, where you can purchase, etc.), photos of the book(s) (including cover), a general synopsis, and of course, my rating and review. All of my reviews are spoiler-free, unless otherwise stated.

All of my reviews will be posted onto this blog. I will also post a picture of the book onto my instagram and twitter accounts, letting my followers know I have a review on my blog. If you would like me to post onto an additional website or social media, please let me know.

My reviews are 100% honest and my own opinion. If I disliked the book, I would continue to write a review based on that. It would explain why it didn’t work for me and would not contain any nasty comments on the author. I don’t want my reviews to be harmful to anyone in anyway and always mention that even if I may not have enjoyed the book, others may. If I did not finish the book, I will state why I didn’t finish it, which page I stopped on, and if I ever plan on picking up the book again.

I will try to read/review all the books as soon as possible, but it may take up to a few months. Books I receive that are arcs, I will try to have my review up before the publishing date. If the author or publishing company would like the review up within a certain time frame, please let me know so I can work it into my schedule.

Note: if the book is in a series, I may need the earlier book as well in order to write a proper review.

Review Requests

If you would like to request for a review, please email me at